Pregnant Mothers

Are MosquitNo products safe to use for small children and pregnant women?

Yes, most of our products are extremely safe to use on small children and pregnant women. There are many toxic insect repellents in the market that may harm fetus like DEET. Nowadays there are better alternative insect repellents that are non-toxic and harmless to the skin like Saltidin®. Saltidin® is the most active ingredient that are used in all of our cosmetic products.


Our Citronella products are all intended for external use. It should not be applied directly into the skin. Therefore, it is safe to use for pregnant women. Some products can also be used for small children. For example, you can stick a MosquitNo SpotZzz sticker above the bed or put one of the MosquitNo Flower Pots next to the bed on the nightstand. However we advise not to use the bracelets on small children because of ingestion that causes by citronella oil and small children tend to nibble on things.

Cosmetics - Saltidin® based

Extensive tests have shown that even long lasting use of large amounts of Saltidin® is harmless to the skin or any internal organs. A concentration up to 20% of Saltidin® is safe to use by pregnant women and young children. However it is advised not to apply the cosmetics on the hand of little children to avoid them from ingesting the substance.

Saltidin® (common name: Icaridin, previously known as "KBR3023) is an insect repellent made by a German company named Lanxess. It is a replacement for the sticky and toxic insect repellent ingredient DEET. Saltidin® is much safer to use on skin, it is non-toxic, non-sticky and odorless. MosquitNo used this ingredient in the cosmetics products. Saltidin® is highly effective against tropical mosquitoes that carry diseases, and also against insects like Aedes, Malaria Mosquitoes, sands flies, horse flies, ticks and midges.

Saltidin® is also considered as the best repellent or tropical medicine choice by the Public Health Agency of Canada¬ís Canadian Advisory Committee.

Textile products - IR3535® Nano Technology based

It can be proven with a comprehensive data package on reproductive toxicity and the successful history of safe use of IR3535® that there is no indication that the use of this active ingredient is harmful toward pregnant or breastfeeding women and neither to the expectant mothers nor the nursed babies. However we do not recommend the use of our textile products on clothes for young children aged around 6 months to prevent ingestion.