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MosquitNo - Bite Prevention for Travelers
Every year approximately 800,000 peopleworldwide die from a mosquito bite. One of the biggest health issues recognized by governments around the world is the rise and danger of dengue fever and malaria. Our products protect against the dangerous mosquito borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Zika etc.

Governments today are spending a lot of money to protect their people and minimize the risk of contracting Zika, Dengue or Malaria. We see a great opportunity in protecting not only the casual traveler, but also the permanent resident in high-risk areas. This means there is a huge opportunity for us in both airport arrival and departure shops as well as in the domestic market, such as pharmacies, beauty stores, convenience stores, the high end department stores and for shop-in shops concepts.

These huge opportunities are exactly the reason we are exhibiting at the TFWA Asia Pacificalready for the 5th year. We believe that by making the solutions to common travel problems fun, we enable the consumer to explore the many adventurous and exciting destinations worldwide. We make the reality of warding off numerous, tiny and dangerous critters - such as mosquitos - fun and lighthearted with our �don�t bite me please� slogan.
Our many products complement every traveler or kids� style and preferences - from towelettes to 2in1 creams and sprays to bracelets to stickers. Our all- natural ingredients, creative designs and high-end packaging distinguishes us from any competitors that might attempt to match our unique style and product effectiveness.

This year our main focus is to introduce our innovative Insect Repellent Factor (IRF) tool. Just like the SPF factor for sun creams shows how protective the sun cream is to the sun, we developed a tool that shows how effective the insect repellent is against mosquitoes. This tool will help consumers to select the right insect repellent product. IRF includes 4 Factors: Factor 1 up to 4. The higher the Factor the more powerful the protection against insects like mosquitoes and ticks. The IRF will also help retailers to create display and planograms based on the effectiveness of the products.

Insect Repellent Factor 2: Easy & Fun Protection - Citronella based products
Effectiveness could be different by person, by location or by mosquito species. Natural protection, 100% DEET FREE.

Insect Repellent Factor 3: Long-lasting Protection - Outdoor Line & Nano Tech Line
To be used on textiles. Proven effectiveness against e.a Malaria, dengue, Lyme disease. Age > 6 months. Non Toxic Protection.Nano products are without scent, 100% DEET FREE

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Textile Spray & Fabric Softener:
MosquitNo NANO includes a fabric softener and a textile spray to be used on textiles. This new range have all the safety requirements, recommended by the WHO and is highly effective against the mosquito Aedes species (Dengue, Yellow Fever Zika Virus)Malaria and other insects like midges & ticks (Lyme disease). Our Nano range offers long lasting protection. Some products, like the fabric softener, can even be re- activated without re-applying. Besides, it is non toxic and biocompatible.

Insect Repellent Factor 4:Powerful Personal Protection- Cosmetics Line
To be used on the skin. Proven effectiveness against e.a Malaria, dengue, Lyme disease. Age > 6 months. Non Toxic Protection. Safe for the environment.Comfortable Scent. 100% DEET FREE

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Because of the developments with the new Zika Virus we do not experience regional economic challenges. The travelers know it is really important to protect themselves against the dangerous mosquito borne diseases. Therefore we have seen a huge extra demand, also the average spending in this category is significantly growing. We fill the gap in the market!

Due to the increased awareness of the dangers involved in using DEET-based repellents and the recently the developments with the new Zika Virus we believe that MosquitNo's advanced insect repellent cosmetics range will offer a excellent alternative to replace DEET-based products on the market to protect children and adults.

Not only Zika developed quickly during the last year, Dengue is also increasingly dangerous. Today in Asia Dengue fever expands quickly, nowadays the number of people infected with Dengue has never been this high! Lots of countries throughout Asia brace themselves for a 'mega-outbreak' of Dengue fever. The mosquito prevention posters can be seen everywhere throughout Asia.

Our immediate business priorities are to develop our market Latin America especially now the Zika virus is still expanding. Besides we want to place more displays and stand alone displays at fixed locations atairports and duty free shops. We are also focusing on the developments in the travel retail e-commerce. Together we can protect the citizens of the world against mosquitoes!